Penalty Recovery

Penalty Type

Algorithim Penalty

$900 (£550)

  • Link detox & disavow item

Algorithim Penalty

$1300 (£800)

  • Link Detox, Disavow With Webmaster Outreach item

Manual Penalty

$1300 (£800)

  • Link Detox, Disavow and Reconsideration Request item

Manual Penalty

$1650 (£1000)

  • Link Detox, Disavow and Reconsideration Request with Webmaster Outreach item

If you know the pain of getting an algorithm “slap” then we know how you feel. And you might not know it but you’re not alone, even big brands have suffered – household names like Ebay, Expedia and Overstock reported huge losses due to Google action.  Of course, these brands get back from such problems and many other people can get back too. And because we’ve been there in the past we know what to do to not go there anymore but also how to help get your website back on its feet.  Panda can be seen as the site wide update and will typically affect what is classes as low quality or ‘thin’ sites. Penguin tends to focus more on link based penalties i.e over optimisation of certain keywords, lots of low quality links or even links from bad neighbourhoods. There are also unnatural link notices often seen in webmaster tools.

Negative SEO

Some of you might have been the subject of negative SEO attacks- basically this means a competitor can sink your site if they choose to go down that route, its not fair and its not nice but it happens far too often in our experience. We see a lot of this lately, too much in fact, but there is hope and especially when you use a trusted service- you are far more likely to see an improvement as opposed to trying to do a disavow by yourself.

There are cases where hacking occurs but it isn’t that common.

The Good News

We have a lot of experience with penalties. We have professionals actively diagnosing and working on analysing bad link profiles. There are only a handful of professionals with this level of experience. We have had some great successes with penalty removals. If you want us to look at your site then get in touch.

Common Scenarios

Your site drops rankings for one or several search terms, you may lose 80-100 places.

Your site is deindexed, and it will not show up on a search.

You have been part of a link network scheme and/or paid for links

We can help – once an assessment of your site has taken place, then we can see how best to proceed. Sometimes, its just a case of removing as many bad links as possible and also diluting anchor text with more generic less specific type links.

Finally – were not cheap but there’s a reason for that, in our experience if something seems too good to be true then it usually is. We do work with some well known clients but of course that has to be confidential.