Why should you choose SEO before PPC ?

..the overall opportunity from organic search is 5.66 X that of PPC
Studies show that overall SEO gives a far better ROI than paid advertising can, or probably ever will. So this page will show you some facts about why we advise that 90% of your budget should be in SEO and only 10% to PPC- (note: this can very a lot by niche).

When using PPC you will find that long tail keywords, say, more than 4 words long will usually have such small search volumes that Google will say that it will pause the keyword, this is not good for you!

Long tail keywords can make up a significant part of an online firms business, long tails can account for 20-30% of traffic. So although you might have certain high volume search terms, these long tails can be the difference between make or break. We can create content for you that specifically targets long tail phrases, or we can adapt your content to "catch" more of these phrases. The best bit about SEO over PPC is that these long tail keywords when found through organic searches are effectively free.

And therein is the main point where SEO beats any form of paid advertising hands down. Once you have invested in SEO all it requires is maintenance, so all your traffic once ranked, is free.

Studies show that people who find your site via organic listings, tend to stay longer on site, be more engaged in your content, and far more likely to purchase than those who come from PPC type ads. This is often because your more generic search terms, though they have higher volumes often attract the wrong visitor, you might see some of these people as being in the wrong place, or even not willing to buy.

So to wrap up, basically what we aim to do is to attach your business interests with human nature. If 90% of people ignore those ads, lets focus the majority of your efforts where the majority of people are looking. We can still use that 10% that do click on ads, but over all most people are looking elsewhere.

08WEB can advise you on the optimum strategy for your business