Why Choose Us?

Our services can take your business to the next level

We know how time consuming it can be to try and do 2 jobs at once. Trying to run your own business is difficult enough without trying to figure out the complex nature of a search engine. That's why, here at 08WEB we can save you time and money by taking care of it all for you. We know SEO, and we know how to successfully market your business to the right customers.

Maybe youve been in business some time and have already outsourced for some help with SEO but you still feel you should/could be doing better. We think business is about relationships, get good relationships with decent suppliers and you are onto a winner. We want to make long standing relationships with businesses that have a desire to succeed.

Ask yourself - are you happy with your current rankings for your chosen search terms? Are you spending too much on PPC advertising or similar Do you ever wonder how your competitors seem to do so well?

We can help you with all these things, we can secure you high organic listings, not just for your chosen search terms, but also for "long tail" keywords- these can make up a hefty percentage of a business' turnover. Also, Google tends to not allow long tail keywords in PPC use, which means you can be missing out on a lot of business.

Well ,what if you could "reverse engineer" your competitors, and see how they have done so well?

What if you could get the best ROI for every penny spent?

What if we could get you multiple page 1 rankings?

We are confident, we can do all of these things.

Often times when starting out, or even not knowing much about SEO a business owner will start to use some form of paid advertising, the problem with it is that a massive percentage of that ad spend is effectively wasted money. Studies have repeatedly shown that SEO gives far better returns than paid advertising.

Would you believe that 88% of marketing spend is on paid ads, yet around 90% of buyers ignore the ads! This is where your paid ads don't work efficiently enough.

One thing you can be certain of is that Google is aiming to increase its adwords revenue year on year, and with there only being 1 first page, that means more competition for all advertisers, which of course = higher costs.

Cutting Edge SEO

Everything we do, everything we know is based on testing. Not assumptions..testing. That means we know how to get the most from say your email marketing campaign, we know this because every aspect of that has been tested to see which gives the best results. We take care to get you the best results by using that knowledge we learn from constant refinement to help you achieve your goals.

We are testing up to 5000 keywords at 1 time. We test link types, new ways, old ways, this and that combination and we know whats working and how to stay safely within the Google guidlines.

Our Promise

We are not here to make a quick buck or two. We are here to build lasting relationships that are mutually beneficial. Remember, our success is and only can be, based upon your success!

Reasons To Outsource Your Marketing

  • Increase Brand Awareness - Get potential customers to be talking about you and your services.
  • Organic Rankings - Higher rankings on the natural (not paid) search results.
  • Reverse Engineering - The technology to see exactly what is working to get to position 1 on a certain search result.
  • Link Building - Google's favourite method - including content marketing.
  • Social Media Campaigns - To develop and enhance your social presence.
  • PPC Management -We can advise the best use of PPC .
  • Other - we can build new modern websites, update current designs, logo's, reliable web hosting etc.